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set basis cc-pvdz set scf_type pk

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I think we need math formatting and I can’t see the logo.

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Also check out this other post

A plugin label would be nice for users wanting to advertise their own work.

Not sure how to make the logo bigger. If anyone knows, please do tell.

Not sure what logo you’re talking about. Here, the psi4 logo at the top is a broken link (worked at home for me last night). The suggestion I made (where the link works but the image doesn’t display on this page) was to use the small-caps version that David likes. Not sure about how to adjust size of logo.

Is the image still broken? It’s working again for me (but still small).

Also, I think I’ve install Mathjax. Let me know if it works or not. Bizarre updating method for this beast.

It’s not working on my laptop

All of the images on the forum are still broken for me.

The pictures & logo are broken for me as well.

Other than the now existent build category, what other post categories do we want? I vote for question and feature request

I suspect the logo is broken because of the DNS issue – or, at least what I’m assuming is a DNS issue. Are you all still using the IP address instead of

I switched the logo link to use the IP. How’s it look now?

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Yes I can now see it.

The logo is showing up now, when using the IP as opposed to, but the pictures still will not show up.

Any links that depend on the proper name of the site will not work until the DNS entries are updated everywhere (again, assuming that’s the problem).

Did someone switch the logo back to the Discourse default?

Yes, that’s me. I’m about to upload the new (small-caps) logo to so can link to that, like I did the favicon.

Sounds good. Feel free to change whatever you like. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t screwed something up.

Thanks, it’s working on the front page now at least.

$x^2$ Math works! Thank you, MathJax!