Psi4 installation

I am trying to install psi4 via anaconda, using the command: conda install -c psi4 psi4. However, I am getting an error saying Solving environment: failed with …, trying with … How can I install psi4 via anaconda? Is there something else that I need to install prior to psi4 or something that I need to remove?

Thanks in advance

For the record, the recommended conda install instructions are here.

Have you tried making a new conda environment for Psi?

Yes, I have tried that. I want psi4 to run into another program called FFParam and I can’t seem to find a proper solution.

What’s the output of conda list?

I also recommend creating a new conda environment with only FFParam and Psi4, and seeing if that works. There may be a conflict with something else in this environment.