Using a prebuilt psi4 static binary elsewhere


I installed psi4 static binary on my local workstation using and it works fine.

I then copied the psi4conda/bin directory to another machine and then set the PATH environment variable there to pick up psi4 binary from the specified location.

The psi4 binary complains that it cant find the python interpreter as it is looking for the interpreter at the original installation directory on my workstation instead of the ${PATH}/bin.

I tried searching the manual for an appropriate environment variable that needs to be set to make the psi4 binary pick up the python interpreter from a different location, but could not find anything.

Is what I am asking for possible? If so, what environment variable needs to be set correctly?


Have you seen this part of the manual? You’ll need to edit a shebang, not set an environment variable.

Thank you! That works.