"unexpected character after line continuation character" error after conda install on mac


I have installed psi4 using miniconda on a mac (OS 12.0.1), python 3.9. Whenever I try to run one of the tutorials input (or just their comment lines), I get the following error message:

(base) ericmasson@cas-masson-mbp desktop % psi4 psi4_test.rtf test_output.dat
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/ericmasson/opt/miniconda3/bin/psi4”, line 338, in

File “”, line 18
SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character

Printing out the relevant lines from the Psithon → Python processed input file:

! !
! unexpected character after line continuation character !
! !

I am a bit at a loss, so any feedback would be appreciated!
Thanks a lot!
Eric (Ohio U chemistry)

Thanks for waiting! Many of the Psi developers were at a conference last week, so responses have been slow.

I need to know exactly where you’re getting psi4_test.rtf from, so I can try to reproduce your report.

Hello, thanks for getting back to me! Sincere apologies: I re-installed psi4 and everything runs smoothly now. Please feel free to delete this thread if needed.

Best wishes,

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