Straight segmentation fault when using psi4 (even just psi4 --version)

Hi all,

I have been using Psi4 for a while on both Mac and Linux (RHEL7). Recently I tried to install Psi4 via a conda environment (conda install psi4 psi4-rt python=3.7 -c psi4) on a cluster, but I found it failed straightly with segmentation fault when I used it. Below attached a case of error.

(psi4_py37) crduan@conrad03:~> psi4 --version
Segmentation fault

Since I have installed Psi4 on other machines successfully with the procedure, I don’t think it was because I did not follow the instruction correctly. I am wondering whether it is because of the OS (that cluster operates on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64). Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Build problems are usually a job for @loriab.

Could you try to comment out the v2rdm_casscf plugin in this file:


(or find <conda_installation_path> -name

This section:

    import v2rdm_casscf
except ImportError:

I know the plugin causes segmentation fault on some of my machines.

Thanks @hokru. I kind of 99% sure that it is an OS problem. The OS is just too old… Closed it now.

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