Silence output files from psi4 as python module

Hi Psi4 community,

I was wondering if there were other ways beyond psi4.core.be_quiet() to silence the output of psi4 when using it as a python module. Basically I am using psi4 and resp to calculate atomic partial charges but in the process of calculation, psi4 writes out a bunch of files to disk like results.out and timer.dat which does make the working directory quite messy. Is there a way to silence the output of these files beyond just silencing the output.dat.
Appreciate any help I can get on this:)

Thank you!

I don’t understand the question. So you want output.dat but not any other files, such as timer.dat or results.out?

I should warn you that I’m not sure where results.out comes from. The standard files are timer.dat, output.log, and output.dat.

I might have mixed up the .dat and .out extension but simply put, I am looking for a way to silence all file I/O.

Are you getting all the results back through API such that you never consult text result files? Is this an interactive env like Jupyter where you’re wanting to squash text from the cells?

As is, there isn’t really a way to further silence the basic outputs you mention. I suppose it could be added – this is the first interest is less output :slight_smile: