Self-interaction correction

What is the status of self-interaction correction in DFT implementation in PSI4? I am currently developing NWCHEM for self-interaction corrections. I would like to contribute to psi4 as well!

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University of California Riverside.

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Hello! As far as I am aware nobody is working on this, we would very much welcome additional contributions to the source code! On the readme on our GitHub is a link to our Slack channel. This is an excellent place to join the developer community which can help you get started developing Psi4, give out tips, and help point you to the right area of the code.

Hi Smith,
I checked the github page and the psi4 developers page (, I am unable to register because it says
“If you have an,,,, or email address, you can create an account.”
Is there any workaround?

On the README, right under the Psi4 logo there is a row called “Communication”. On that row click on “dev chat on slack” which will allow you to access our slack.