Scratch Directory creation

Hello everybody,
I installed psi4 program but last step scratch directory for large calculation I can not create it. I am new user for Linux system so please help me how to set up scratch directory step wise. Here I am attaching my error message screen shot.!

Thank you

Setting up scratch is here

From your screenshot, I don’t see anything wrong with your invocation (though you don’t need to put the input file in quotes). From the error message, it thinks you passed psi4 ... -s something_that_isn't_a_dir as this in the /home/srvn/miniconda/bin/psi4 file is what’s getting hit. Again, I don’t see it in your screenshot but maybe try just psi4 /home/srvn/miniconda/share/psi4/samples/sapt1/input.dat alone and see if that runs. Output will be in output.dat (either in your current dir or next to the input.dat).