Saving OEPROP values to list or numpy array

Is it possible to direct the results of a one-electron property call to a new variable?
For example, after running

E, WFN =“M06-2x/6-311+G(d,p)”, return_wfn=True)

I can do a direct output to my screen using OEPROP:

psi4.oeprop(WFN, ‘MULLIKEN_CHARGES’)

However, I cannot save this to any new variable:

XXX var = psi4.oeprop(WFN, ‘MULLIKEN_CHARGES’) XXX

Is it possible to do this with the ‘properties’ function, or is there some other set of commands needed to move the properties to a format like a ‘list’ or ‘numpy array’ that could be printed (preferably as ASCII format text) for use in other programs outside of the Python paradigm?

Not as a return value, but as an array variable saved on the wavefunction object.

WFN.variable('MULLIKEN_CHARGES') is a python/numpy array containing all charges.