S-dftd3 for psi4

I was trying to employ simple dftd3 (s-dftd3) with psi4. I built s-dftd3 from source using meson, however, now I’m struggling to implement s-dftd3 in psi4. Psi4 and s-dftd3 module both are built from the source. Psi4 manual only mentions using s-dftd3 with

import dftd3

which I guess would work when both are installed through conda.
I then tried defining PYTHONPATH variable for s-dftd3 binary which do not work either. Psi4 manual does mention defining PYTHONPATH for s-dftd3.
It always complains that

Program s-dftd3 is registered with QCEngine, but cannot be found.

Any help would highly be appreciated.

What you need to do is go to


and download one of the .whl files, depending on which python version you have.
Use pip to install. This worked for me.

Concur, psi4 needs not just the main build target, the s-dftd3 executable, but the python interface to be compiled and available for import.