Release Candidate 1

Is everyone ok moving to a “Release Candidate 1” status in the very near future? This would imply a temporary halt to adding new features, and a period of general cleanup. We could use some help knocking out some of the remaining pre-1.0 to-do items. This would involve at least the 1.0 milestones at , and perhaps also some of the remaining issues at (some items on that checklist are already actually done… will try to update that very soon with Lori and Daniel S.) Please let us know if you had any new features you were about to add … if they’re not nearly done, they should probably wait until after 1.0.

I’ve many items to do wrt Psi4, but none of them are new features, so I’m good with RC1 status.

We’re not planning to add any new features.

I am also okay with RC1 status. I am not planning add a new feature soon.

I’m okay with this, too. Currently working on bug fixes.

I am still working on the PK integrals but I don’t think we should wait for them before going for RC1. So I’m also okay with RC1.

I’m fine with this. Not working on new features for it.