R2SCAN-3c for biomolecules

Requesting R2SCAN-3c. Summary and Conclusions section of the paper makes the case pretty well.
Requires D4, gCP and a tailor-made basis set.
R2SCAN is used unmodified,which was available from libxc since 5.1.0 (current 5.1.2).
In a zoo of DFAs, R2SCAN-3c stands out for biomacromolecular studies.

Thank you for the request.
This is something I also want in psi4. This will not make the 1.4 release but it should be available sooner than later.

I opened an issue on github: r2SCAN-3c implementation · Issue #2121 · psi4/psi4 · GitHub

I would also find this feature very useful.

Thanks for your consideration,

This is something that one of our developers personally wants in for 1.5. For any further updates, follow the issue. Since this is already on the dev’s to-do list, I’m going to close the topic. There’s not much more to say.