Python 2.6 support

Any objections to dropping 2.6 support?

  • 2.7 was introduced in 2010
  • @Rollin_King’s made the switch
  • more important to work on 3.5 compatibility than 2.6
  • like with C++11, it’d be nice to use new-ish language features (cleaner printing, dictionary comprehensions, etc.)

While I’m at it, among 2to3, futurize, six, ad hoc redefinition of fns, etc., does anyone have preferences for maintaining 2- & 3-compatible code?

No objections from me on dropping 2.6 support.

I like it. The python 3 shift is slowly coming, I’d like to focus our efforts there.

Next Ubuntu is based on Python 3 instead of Python 2.

Doesn’t matter for our binary users because they use a bundled python anyway, right? If so, I don’t object to dropping 2.6.

Right, this is a non-issue for binary users.