PSI4 with BrianQC add-on

Hi, can I get a working brianqc install with the binary installer with version 1.4rc1? If not, what is the simplest way to get a working brianqc add-on with PSI4?

I looked at the docs, but could not find any information on this.

While Psi4 is completely open-source, BrianQC is made by a third party company and is a commercial program. For any information on obtaining it, you had best go to them.

If I have the license for BrianQC, is there a way to get BrianQC enabled psi4 with the binary installer? Or is compiling the tarball the only way?

At the moment you’ll need to compile psi4 and the psi4/BrianQC interface yourself. Instructions: Interface to the BrianQC GPU module by the BrianQC team

But I’m scheduled this week to get the p4/bqc interface present and distributed with the psi4 conda package.

OK, that’s great. Thanks.