Psi4 GitHub changes

As you have hopefully seen in a series of emails we will be moving the Psi4 GitHub repositories around. These changes are summarized below:

  • We will be moving the follow repository names
    psi4 -> psi4private
    psi4public -> psi4
  • Changes to psi4private/master branch will no longer be allowed and this will become an exact mirror of psi4/psi4 (public)
  • psi4/psi4 will require a pull request (PR) to add new features. PR’s will go through Travis CI to ensure the code compiles and all tests pass.

The overall idea here is that we are moving to a bit more canonical GitHub setup. And one where things will break less often (CI checks), and developers will be alerted faster to breaking changes (again, CI can test Mac/Linux rather than the developer making a change on Linux, then calling across the office for a Mac user to check it).

A Psi4 workflow available to the public will look like this:

  • Fork psi4/psi4 (button is upper right on the psi4/psi4 GitHub page)
  • Clone your fork to your desktop
  • Make your changes
  • Push back to your fork (repeat these last two steps until you are ready to merge with psi4/master)
  • Request a pull request (green button next to your branches from your fork’s homepage)

This may seem a bit more round about than we are used to, but it actually becomes quite easy.

The ability for private workflows still exists and can happen anywhere. The only difference is that when you are ready for this private change to be merged with psi4/master you push the change to your own public fork of the repository and continue as normal. The private workflow is a bit more difficult than the public one, but we are not anticipating for this to occur often and is fairly standard git practice. Please email if you have issues with this.

Additional links to Fork/PR GitHub guides:

Please ask any questions or comment about these changes in this thread.