Psi4 from the beginning

I am new to the this Psi4 software. Can any one please give me a link to study on this software from the very beginning. I tried to download Psi4conda installer given in the link [Install v1.8+ | Installs](https://Installv1.8 Psi4)
but the download button didnt work and even the given commands. Please help me in solving this

The tutorials and manual here (PSI4: Open-Source Quantum Chemistry) are a good start.

Try right clicking the link and using the Save link as... option.

What errors did you get when you tried to curl the installer file? You can also check through Index of /psicode-download for the installer, but its worth double checking that you’re downloading the correct file for the OS and python version you want.

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I second Philip to try right-clicking or using the curl command. Because some browsers demand https, the button doesn’t always work, but the curl command does.

@philipmnel Thank you for the suggestions. The download link didn’t work either ways. I have no idea on why is that. I double checked the selected files and all are correct. Any how I retried the commands and it worked.
@loriab and @philipmnel Thanks for the help.