Psi printing level

Hello Dear Scientist,
Currently I’m using psi4.1.1 and would like to remove unnecessary printing like time.dat and psi.*
I don’t know how to stop those output. I would like to save network time by directing those print to /tmp or /scratch on the working node, they by default printed to the working diroctory which is on headnode.


Files like timer.dat and psi.PID.clean are typically quite short (<100 lines), so I don’t foresee savings in network time by redirecting these. There’s no current mechanism to do so, though you’re welcome to PR the codebase with one.

Actual scratch files (e.g., psi.7356.water.35) can get hefty and definitely should not be written over the network. See for setting those up to write locally via envvar PSI_SCRATCH.