Problem with Psi4 installation

Hi, I want to install Psi4 on my Windows 10, but I have some problems. First, when I downloaded .exe file from this page and clicked on it to start an installation, it showed this
error 1

Eventually, I started the installation by using Command Prompt, this worked and the installation started. But then, at its end, this occured:

I found out that it could be because of present Python or another similar programs, but I have nothing like that on my PC. It could be also because of a name of destination folder, but I tried every possible files where I could clink on “Ok” and it didn’t work either. Clicking on “Istall for all users” doesn’t work either. So what to do so that I can install the programme? Any ideas?

Do you have an Anaconda or Miniconda installation on your PC that you customarily use? If so, you could skip the Psi4conda installer (which is essentially a separate Miniconda with psi4 pre-installed), and instead create a new environment within Ana/Miniconda for psi4 (e.g., conda create -n p4env psi4 -c psi4).