Private youtube link in manual

Hi all,
Should be an easy fix, but on F/I-SAPT: Functional Group and/or Intramolecular SAPT

" The input files described above cover roughly 90% of all F/I-SAPT analyses. For more delicate or involved problems, there are a large number of user options that permit the customization of the I-SAPT subsystem partition, the convergence of the IBO localization procedure, numerical thresholds, etc. We have an entire video tutorial devoted to F/I-SAPT Options ."

The youtube tutorial is set to private. Is it not ready for prime time or is this a tiny oversight w/ quick speed of new releases?

We should probably remove that link. I can’t access it either (it’s not on the main psicode channel), and I think it was switched to private by the person who recorded it.

Dang, that’s stinks. Thanks for checking Lori!