Mac binary testing

Ye with aluminum laptops, give the conda Mac binary a try and report back:

  • if it runs
  • OSX version
  • if you have XCode installed (if you have to check, note the version)
  • if you have MacPorts, Homebrew, Fink, etc. installed
  • if you can checkout and build a plugin (psi4 --new-plugin testplug, make, psi4 after preparing development environment with conda install gcc & conda install boost=1.57)

Usual instructions here but substitute “Linux” by “MacOSX” for the installer name. @dgasmith has tested an earlier version and found it in working order (though subject to _dpotrf_ warnings). It’s also only compiled to AM=4.

Worked perfectly. I’m probably a good test case for this, because I’ve never installed Psi4 from Conda before. I followed the instructions, and it went perfectly.

OSX 10.11.4
XCode 7.3
HomeBrew 0.9.5

Great! Good to know homebrew doesn’t interfere.

I’m especially curious for results on old os versions (<10.10 yosemite) or unsophisticated development environments (only native blas/lapack).

I have an ancient Government laptop that has up-to-date software on it, but no developer tools (I only use it to sign my timecards). Next time I fire it up, I’ll try to install Psi4. I forgot to mention that I also saw the (apparently innocuous) BLAS warnings that @dgasmith reported on Linux. Great work by all involved in this effort; it’s really nice to have such a user-friendly deployment mechanism.