Looks like a small error in psi4numpy

I just started using psi4numpy… I think I spotted a small printing error.

line 130:
print(’\nSCS-MP2 correlation energy: %16.10f’ % MP2corr_SS)
I think should read:
print(’\nSCS-MP2 correlation energy: %16.10f’ % SCS_MP2corr_E)

Thanks for the catch!

Can you make a pull-request to the psi4numpy GitHub so that we can patch this?

Sorry… do I need collaborator permissions to do this? (GitHub username: bge6)

Standard open-source fork/pull request will work just fine, a few links:

Feel free to hop on Psi4 Slack (link on our psi4/psi4 README) if you run into issues and we can help out.