Is there an option equivalent to density=current?

I would like to make a cube file for generalized density computed at ccsd or mp2. Is there a way to do so?

Due to some flawed internal logic PSI4 does not have cube densities for all method available where it can compute densities.

We do have RHF-DF-MP2 and R/UHF-CONV-CCSD[(T)] densities. No unrestricted MP2 density!
The general way would be like this:

set cubeprop_tasks ['density']
e, wfn = properties('mp2', return_wfn=True) # requests a density calculation
cubeprop(wfn) # prints Da/Db/Ds/Dt.cube files containing the alpha/beta/spin/total density

Oh, that is all I needed. It run for ccsd but how do I do the same thing for ccsd(t)? For ccsd(t) density, I got error by writing

set cubeprop_tasks ['density']
e, wfn = properties('ccsd(t)', return_wfn=True) 

Thank you very much!!

switch properties() with gradient()

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Thank you very much. It worked! :smiley:

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