Frozen bond+bend

Hi there, I am trying to optimize a system with frozen bond angle and distance. I have tried to make the z-mat file, for the first time. putting it here.

molecule {
symmetry c2v
c 1 ccl2
f 1 fcl3 2 fclc3
h 2 hc4 1 hccl4 3 dih4
h 2 hc5 1 hccl5 3 dih5
ccl2 3.050000
fcl3 1.689000
fclc3 180.000
hc4 1.104000
hccl4 128.600
dih4 0.000
hc5 1.104000
hccl5 128.600
dih5 180.000

Now, I want

  1. the F-Cl bond to be frozen
  2. H-C-H angle to be frozen.
    any idea how to do it?
    Thanks in advance. I am sorry I ask for help too often, but I have tried my best with my limited resources.

Freezing coordinates in an optimization is one of the more difficult parts of Psi4 syntax. There is no shame in asking.

This sample input should get you in the right direction. In your case, you want a simultaneous frozen_bend and frozen_distance.