Failure in building Libint

It had been a while, so I did a fresh git pull of the master this morning and attempted a re-build of Psi4. It dies quickly however with the following:
– Found Python 2.7: /opt/python/bin/python2.7 (found version 2.7.9)
– Found LAPACK MKL: /share/apps/intel/mkl/lib/intel64;…
– Found dkh: /share/apps/psi4/broadwell/lib/libdkh.a (found version 1.2)
– Suitable Libint could not be located, Building Libint instead.
– Performing Test HAS_CPP14_FLAG
– Performing Test HAS_CPP14_FLAG - Failed
– Performing Test HAS_CPP11_FLAG
– Performing Test HAS_CPP11_FLAG - Failed
CMake Error at /share/apps/psi4/broadwell/share/cmake/pybind11/pybind11Tools.cmake:29 (message):
Unsupported compiler – pybind11 requires C++11 support!

I’m using gcc 6.2 (same as the last time I successfully built psi4). Has something changed in the last 6 months or am I forgetting something crucial?

Aargh, never mind. I just found I hadn’t cleaned out the directory pointed to in the cmake install directory. Seems to be proceeding now.

Cool, glad it all works out! Looks like it was originally finding an older GCC (something pre 4.9) and was bouncing there.

I guess this is what happens when I only build this particular code once every 6 months or so. Everything built fine and I was happy to find that the guess=read option in the scf works as expected now.