Excited sapt calculation

Hello community
We are trying to calculate the molecule in the excited state, donor-acceptor structure, using SAPT. At this time, it is a predominantly donor to acceptor charge transfer state. At first, I tried to use FISAPT, but it did not support triplet calculation, so I extracted only the fragment of interest and calculated SAPT. So I created the s1 state input file as below.
XPT_s1_sepa_sapt.dat (3.1 KB)
However, the calculation results showed an unphysically large interaction energy value. So, what I would like to ask is the following.

  1. Is this input file correct? If correct, is the value unphysical because we isolated one molecule?
  2. Does the excited state require other settings?
  3. Should I use another method or program?
    thank you very much.