Electron Integrals for Orthogonalized Basis

I am a master student studying quantum computer.
and I am trying to utilize PSI4 python for my quantum simulation for molecular systems.

I need one- and two- electronic integrals, so I referred to the following tutorial using Mintshelper.

But I want to orthogonalize the basis with the method like Gram-Schmidt and produce new electronic integrals.
(Here, orthogonalization means that the procedure to make the overlap matrix as an identity matrix.)

Is there any feature supporting this function in psi4?

Are you talking about orthogonalizing the basis of atomic orbitals?

I want the electron integrals for the orthogonalized basis of localized orbitals after the hartree-fock procedure.
Sorry for the absence of details.

Is your question about how you get localized orbitals or how you transform the integrals once you have the localized orbitals?

For the latter, just take the integrals in the AO/MO basis and contract each index against the tensor that expresses your localized MOs in terms of the AO/MO integrals. That’s a simple job for np.einsum.