Differences between psi4 and pyscf

I have just started trying out psi4 for some basic calculations. I was looking for python based packages that could be used within workflows that I would develop for my quantum dynamics calculations. I found psi4 and pyscf in the process. They superficially seem to have some similarities like being python modules and having efficient underhood implementations in C/C++ or Fortran.

Has anyone in this community tried both these packages? For evaluating one-electron and two-electron integrals are the any benchmarks to compare the two (pyscf seems to be using libcint )?

This would be libcint versus libint2.
pyscf can exploit general contractions and is usually significantly faster for those basis sets when using conventional integrals.

Pyscf does a lot more in python for the calculation side than psi4 to my knowledge.