.dat file no longer created during sapt0 run

For some reason psi4 worked fine a week ago after I initially installed it, and now the installation has broken in some way. If I do a sapt0 run using job input files that worked last week, a job.dat output file is no longer created but instead a *.clean file is produced only. Files are created in the /tmp directory during the run. When the run finishes a timer.dat file is created, but no job.dat file with data.

I installed psi4 on a different mac last night. The water test case worked last night. I go back to use psi4 just now, and the install is broken in the same way as with the other mac referenced in my original post. The water test file no longer produces the output data like it did last night and all it leaves is a timer.dat file. Same behavior, different computer.

I have it working again. For whatever reason, after the initial runs shortly after installation, psi4 gets picky about file extensions.