Built from source, now how do i uninstall psi4?

Title says it all: I built from source, but don’t see any uninstall targets. How, please? Thank you.

I don’t think there is an uninstall target, but I"ll ping @loriab just in case.

Jonathon is correct – there’s no uninstall because it’s as easy as rm -rf. You probably configured into a directory (say, objdir/) with an installation prefix (say, prefix) and there typed make and got an objdir/stage/bin/psi4 and then make install and got a prefix/bin/psi4. You’re free to remove either or both the objdir/ and prefix directories without harming your other software.

Are you thinking of updating and rebuilding or just clearing out space (or has psi4 gone rogue and is sniping at your other files)?

Just confused and trying to be certain that when I start everything from scratch I’m starting from ground zero :slight_smile: Thank you for your help!

Step One is getting updated source, probably git pull upstream master (or origin master if you didn’t fork).

Blowing away old build and install directories is always fine. You can also keep them and still build an independent version from scratch by giving different build and install prefix names to the cmake command.

I had the idea that after I did make install it stored some kind of runtime config somewhere in the file system. I’m building psi4 because I’m building IBM Qiskit Aqua from source on exotic platforms, e.g., Power9 CentOS 7.

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