Build psi4.core Module

Hi, I am new here,
is some guide available for building psi.core Module from source. And also if it is just building psi.core Module, would it be easier-feasible to build on windows too?
I am considering writing bindings in C# for the C++ core lib.


You can start with the manual:

Generally it is easier to start with a pre-compiled libraries from conda:

PSI4 compiles natively on Windows. Not sure where details are documented but our Azure config is here:

I guess this is not the native C++ dll ?
I got it from here
Sorry but I am unfamiliar with python ecosystem;
P.S I’m on Fedora.

The conda packages are only native Linux and OSX. The Window WSL packages for conda mentioned here: are also Linux based.

If you want a native Window dll you will have to do compile on Windows yourself at the moment.

For linux, install miniconda and follow my second link. This will provide you all the 3rd party libraries and correct python/numpy environment. The psi4-path-advisor script will provide you with a cmake line to compile psi4.
Once this works, you can look into customizing the compile process.The strong python-C++ interconnection makes compiling psi4 a bit more complicated regarding the setup.