Basis set SAPT0

Hello community psi4,
I’ve wanted to make a calculation of sapt0 and ct to level mp2/tzvp but it doesn’t recognize the base tzvp, could you tell me how implement the base tzvp in this calculation?

molecule water_dimer {
0 1
O -0.00679800 -1.37938900 0.00000000
H -0.41820400 -1.80404800 0.75707000
H -0.41820400 -1.80404800 -0.75707000

0 1
O -0.00679800 1.53495800 0.00000000
H 0.02886700 0.57010300 0.00000000
H 0.91631300 1.79344900 0.00000000
units angstrom
symmetry cs

set basis tzvp


You can specify the cc-pVTZ basis set with cc-pvtz.

That said, I don’t understand what you mean by “make a calculation of sapt0 and ct to level mp2/tz.” Do you mean, including a “delta MP2 correction”?

Thank you.
What I meant is MP2 / TZVP.
By including the TZVP (Basis set Ahlrichs), the calculation ends with error.
How is this base (TZVP Ahlrichs) implemented in the calculations?

PSI4 has only def2-TZVP available. If you want the old TZVP (def-TZVP) you need to get them from somewhere. Likely from the Turbomole library and then convert them to PSI4’s Gaussian-like format as described in the manual or automatically with