Basis set for Ag

Dear users/developers

I want to run cc2 calculations (excited states) for a compound with Ag.

I would like to use def2-SVP and def2–TZVPP.

With those basis sets, Psi4 complains about the auxiliary basis sets.

Could you, please, tell me how to set all necessary basis sets to run the calculation?

Thank you very much

Aux basis sets are defined ( and the primary exist (, so not clear it should complain. cc2 isn’t density fit, so aux bases only optionally needed for underlying hf. Aux bases are set with set df_basis_scf mybas-jkfit or similar keywords.

Input, error, and psi4 --version are needed for any further diagnosis.

Dear Dr.Burns,

Thank you very much for you comments. I used the webpages you suggested and
it is running.

Best regards

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