Background charges in PsiAPI mode

I am new to the software and liking it a lot so far. I was running calculations for several weeks and finding the code very useful and flexible. I have a few questions now, and please forgive me if they were explained already (I could not find them after a quick search).

Running calculations using background charges using the

Chrgfield = QMMM()
Chrgfield.extern.addCharge( 5.05881, 6.24500, 0.28003, -0.70717)

keywords works well in Psithon mode. However, due to I am interfacing Psi4 with other modules, I need them to run in PsiAPI mode. Is there any way to add background charges using the PsiAPI mode?

You can use the ‘-v’ flag in Psithon mode to see the raw Python used.

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Thanks @dgasmith, it worked wonderfully.

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