Availiabiliity of TPSSloc, modTPSS, regTPSS dft functionals in PSI4

Does PSI4 have support for TPSSloc, modTPSS, regTPSS functionals?
If yes can you please help me with a sample input file for computing SPE energy.


If they are available in LibXC 4.3.4
(see here: https://www.tddft.org/programs/libxc/functionals/previous/libxc-4.3.4/)
then PSI4 can handle them with a custom input:

I see mod,reg,loc versions of TPSS in the LibXC list above, but it seems some are not meta-GGAs? If you know the definition in terms of Fock exchange and functional type etc., we can help with the input.

ah sorry, I think I saw it wrong. No hybrids, but regTPSS has only GGA correlation?