Running without WSL

Dear all,
I was curious what it would take to run PSI4 on Windows without WSL. Although I am very comfortable with using Linux environments, my plan is to run some virtual labs with students over the summer. I think PSI4 would give them a modern and genuine lab experience given the circumstances. The problem I fear however is asking students to install WSL will be an obstacle and most of them will have significant difficulty.

Other options I’ve considered is spinning up an Azure App Service using a Python stack or hosting PSI4 on a development VPS I own. Both are options, but I would like to avoid this if possible.

A volunteer went through a Herculean effort to make Psi4 compatible for Windows, so the standard conda route should work fine in 1.4. (Preprint here if you want to take a look.) @loriab, does this sound right to you?

Getting Psi4 1.4 out is top Psi-priority for us developers at the moment, so you should have 1.4 for the summer.

WOW! This is amazing news! Thanks for sharing!