Problem downloading the installer psi4conda2 for linux

I have been facing a problem while downloading the psi4conda2 installer for linux from this site. The download starts, but stops midway. Can anyone please tell me what to do or suggest some alternatives…?

I had the same problem about a week ago. Finally managed to download it after 30th attempt or so

Yeah, that happens because the file is so big. Command-line can help: curl -O "" --keepalive-time 2 (replace Linux for MacOSX).

Following the binary distribution installation scheme in the manual, I have been able to download the miniconda2 installer script and has also executed it with ‘bash’. However after execution i am not being able to update conda and proceed further, There seems to be some problem with the connection to the site’ . Can anyone please help or suggest anything?

I’m not sure what’s wrong as seems accessible, while I agree that your link isn’t working. What, on the whole are you trying to do? Conda has changed a lot this year, as has Psi4. If, after installation, you’re not able to run psi4, I’m concerned. If, after installation, you’re not able to use that to update to conda4 and psi4 pre-1.1, I can quite believe there’s a technical barrier, and if you want psi4 pre-1.1, install a fresh generic miniconda and grab the psi4 package through the commands at the end of here.

I have followed the instructions in the Binary distribution for installing psi4. I have run the miniconda installer script. but i am not being able to update conda after that for which it could connect to the above mentioned site. Can you suggest something to that end ??

So you’re doing the miniconda installer (this site), not the psi4conda installer (this site)? Sounds like the problem is upstream from Psi4. I’d start with a fresh installer and directions from . I also hear reports that an OSX update has disrupted some keychain access, so if you’re Mac, you may want to investigate that.