ImportError:NumPy is a runtime requirement for Psi4

Dear psi4 users,
I find an error when I am installing psi4:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/air/Source/psi4-bin-clang-debug/bin/psi4”, line 140, in
import psi4
File “/Users/air/Source/psi4-bin-clang-debug/lib/psi4/”, line 72, in
from .driver import endorsed_plugins
File “/Users/air/Source/psi4-bin-clang-debug/lib/psi4/driver/”, line 29, in
from . import dependency_check
File “/Users/air/Source/psi4-bin-clang-debug/lib/psi4/driver/”, line 43, in
raise ImportError(msg)
NumPy is a runtime requirement for Psi4. Please install NumPy to proceed.

NumPy installation with a package manager can be accomplished by the following lines:
    - conda install numpy
    - sudo yum install numpy
    - sudo apt-get install python-numpy
    - brew install numpy

But I already installed numpy. How to solve it?

Thank you so much
Best Regards,

The python running psi4 is probably not the same python associated with the numpy installation. There are many ways to solve this involving editing PATH and/or PYTHONPATH envvars and the #!.../python at the top of your bin/psi4 executable script. If, in your current terminal, you can launch an interactive python session (>>> python) and have no trouble loading numpy (import numpy as np), then try running psi4 with that python (>>> python /path/to/your/bin/psi4). If all goes well, just edit the top line of your bin/psi4 with the path to the current python. Then you can plain psi4.