dpd_block_matrix memory issue in the FCIDUMP plugin

I have been using the FCIDUMP plugin written by Dr. Sebastian Wouters (https://github.com/SebWouters/CheMPS2), and it works great for small systems. For large systems (~250 basis functions), I got the error message copied below. I don’t know how to avoid having “Error in: dpd_block_matrix: No memory left.”. I have been trying to increase the memory allocation at input level using “memory 12000 mb”. Even if I gave it way more than it needs, it did not work at all. Anybody has some insights on this issue? I appreciate your help.

Error message:
Reading options from the FCIDUMP block
Calling plugin fcidump.so.
Presorting SO-basis two-electron integrals.
Sorting File: SO Ints (nn|nn) nbuckets = 1
Transforming the one-electron integrals and constructing Fock matrices
Starting first half-transformation.
Sorting half-transformed integrals.
First half integral transformation complete.
Starting second half-transformation.
Two-electron integral transformation complete.

	DPD File4 Cache Listing:

Cache Label            DPD File symm  pq  rs  use acc clean    pri lock size(kB)
Total cached:      0.0 kB; MRU =      0; LRU =      1
#LRU deletions =      0; #Low-priority deletions =      0
Core max size:  12000000.0 kB
Core used:            0.0 kB
Core available: 12000000.0 kB
Core cached:          0.0 kB
Locked cached:        0.0 kB
Most recent entry  = 0
Least recent entry = 1
dpd_block_matrix: n = 54756  m = 54756
Error in: dpd_block_matrix: No memory left.

The error:

is thrown because dpd_block_matrix this size would require more than 12,000 MB. So it looks like you are actually giving it less memory than it needs!